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Writing Your Official Reiki Hours Down – A Common Beginner's Mistake

With thanks to my lovely Reiki pupils, this article answers a common mistake in the pursuit of perceived honesty when recording the number of Reiki hours done. This is important, as in several countries now, such as in the UK, the number of Reiki hours done is essential before the healer can be verified by the governing body, such as the Reiki Council in the UK.

One over-zealous reporting in perceived honesty that I encounter time and time again is the reporting of time spent in Reiki shares supervised by a Reiki Master. This time counts as a good part of the pupil's application and acceptance.

For example, a Reiki share of 60 minutes has often been reported to me as 40 minutes, whereas I know full well that the supervising Reiki Master has actually given a full 60 minutes.

This is my answer to a few students. I hope it helps clarify your record-keeping for Reiki.

Like many new Reiki students, you strive for excellence, and that is very commendable. However, in the pursuit of the right way to do things, we sometimes force ourselves to be what we believe is honest. But we only do so because we do not understand what constitutes a Reiki session.

Of course, you are still learning, and so, this is great for you, to learn this so early on.

Let me illustrate. I was surprised for example about the Reiki share report. The Reiki share is one hour. It is an essential part of your development, so do not write down 2×20 minutes = 40. The share was for 60 minutes. Let me explain. When someone sees me for an hour's Reiki treatment, we start by talking about what they want from the Reiki, dispelling any myths they have about it, calming them down, and explaining what is going to happen. They take their shoes off at the beginning, they put them back on at the end, and then we discuss ways forward as they usually drink water. This whole procedure is giving them a Reiki session, from start to finish, not only when they are lying on the table.

For example, they may give me very useful information at the beginning, without which their hands-on healing session would go very badly (for example, they may be expecting crystals, and by not having crystals there, they may spend all the time on the couch worried and upset, instead of letting the Reiki help them). Or at the end, I might give them a Reiki Principle to say for themselves, or a chakra color that may help them strengthen a weak chakra. I also take payment from them, which helps them to be in control of their healing and more willing to participate in it and get better.

What I am saying is please do not discount those essential Reiki healing moments just because they are not lying down or sitting down with hands on the person. This is only part of the Reiki session. Sometimes, it is the part where the most healing and self-development occurs. At other times, it is when what seems like general chit-chat or drinking water occurs. The most exciting thing for me is to see that you are learning and actually doing everything you need to do. Now you just need to add this latest learning that I am giving you here and apply it to all the sessions in your Reiki Journal.

For example, if you lay your hands on yourself for 15 minutes whilst watching TV, remember that before that, you made the intention to do so, you maybe made yourself a cup of tea or poured yourself some water, and afterwards maybe had a stretch , and reflected a bit on the session. That makes it more like a 20-25 minute healing session. A great lesson to learn. We do the 21-day self-healing after Reiki 1 not only to heal the obvious but to also get into the discipline of healing, reflection, noticing changes (or not), and how to recognize fully the wonderful self-work that we have done!

Thank you for the blessing of walking this part of your Reiki path with you.