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What Is the Auric Field? A Series in Auric Health

To begin to heal and clear the auric field, we must first begin to understand what the aura is and the ethics behind working with others on their fields. As you become aware of your auric health, you will be able to protect yourself from reacting to outside influences that can bombard us during the course of life.

Ethics. As you begin to work with the aura, you will be able to begin developing the ability to 'read' auric fields of others. The old adage of "with knowledge comes responsibility" is essential here. Just because you have the ability does not give you permission to read another. This is vital – permission to read another must be obtained any time you are going to step into another's aura. Think of it this way. Would you walk into a stranger's house, sit down at the kitchen table uninvited? Would you want another to enter your home without permission? This is true regardless of your intention.

It is also important to remember that everyone will see, FEEL, the aura in a different way. Understanding Spiritual Vibrations is key to experiencing the auric field.

What is the aura? Webster's Dictionary defines it as the subtle invisible essence or fluid that is said to emanate from the human body. Let's take that further. Every object, living and non-living, has a vibration that surrounds it. The only difference between aura's is their complexity. The more complex an object is – a rock verse a human – the more complex the auric field is. The human species has the most complex of all auric fields. Regardless of how complex the aura is, everyone and everything has one; every auric field interacts with other auric fields that they come into contact with. Have you ever held a rock and you felt as though it vibrated in your hand? Ever felt the energy of a room when you walked into it – 'cut the air with a knife' describing tenseness? These are auric vibrations that are being experienced. This interaction happens hundreds of times every day; yet, most are completely unaware that it is occurring. Your own auric field changes with every experience.

Most human aura fields extend outward about five feet in every direction from the physical body. There are some that will have smaller, while others a much larger auric field. There are various theories on the layers of the aura. Some will say there are seven that match each of the major chakra's. There are others that will claim there are twelve or more aura's.

In this series we will go through the various levels of the aura including the etheric, emotional, mental, personality, astral, etheric template, spiritual and ketheric template.