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What is Reiki, Benefits of Reiki, Healing Sessions, Herbs that Heal

In Japan, in the early 1920s, Mikao Usui developed Reiki-ho (Reiki method) as “the way to make mind and body healthy on the basis of Universal Reiki”. (Doi 1999) Reiki is the vibration of love and harmony of universal energy. Reiki-ho is not only a wonderful “healing technique”, but also “an effective way to raise spirituality and to create a positive life”. Reiki brings all within and around the body into balance, surrounding with harmony, and thus healing the mind, body, and spirit. I have had students say to me, “Reiki is making such a positive difference in my life”.

Reiki can be described as multidimensional. It goes to the core of the imbalance in mind, body, or spirit, the nucleus of the cell, and then moves imperceptibly outward through the tissue balancing and thus healing. We have heard of the invisible diseases, I introduce you to one of the invisible healers. Those of you familiar with herbs know of Dr. John R. Christopher saying, “Lobelia inflata knows where to go in the organism and what to do when it gets there.” Usui Reiki Ryoho knows exactly where to go within the mind, body, and spirit and what to do when it gets there, even if symptoms have not yet surfaced to show that an imbalance exists. We often notice prescription medicine working in our body because it tends to act primarily through out nervous systems making a strong impression on at least one of the five primary senses. Reiki sometimes acts in such subtle ways as equalizing disturbances in the harmonic vibrations and homeostasis of our life force or as with one who is pregnant, the life force within.

The Reiki (ray – key) practitioner’s body is the instrument through which universal energy flows drawn by the magnet of any imbalance in the mind, body, or spirit of the person, animal, or plant receiving. Neither Reiki practitioners nor teachers can direct the flow of Reiki. I say this is because Reiki is a universal energy and the universe allows free will. A Reiki practitioner does not manipulate muscles or tissues, and the client remains clothed. The Reiki practitioner’s hands can be placed on the body or can be held a few inches away, and the energy will flow either way. Because a wave of relaxation accompanies the right amount of energy flowing into the cells in need, clients usually lie on a Reiki table during a Reiki treatment session. In the words of one of my clients, “this is the most wonderfully relaxed I have ever been, but I also have so much energy”. Brain waves slow down and stress with all its symptoms melt away. People with chronic pain have told me they are pain free for two and three days following a session. A session is also a way of releasing any built up emotional encumbrances within you. Reiki does not cause any harm or place any demands on the mind, body or spirit.

Benefits of Reiki to people, animals, and plants are too long to list here. In summary, the positive energy flowing into your whole self helps homeostasis happen. Your immune system strengthens allowing greater ease in fighting of illness. The inner healer is supplied with the energy needed so foreign microorganisms can be conquered and healing can begin. Reiki can rid the body of toxins, with or without extra water.

Reiki is natural healing,which sometimes appears to be slow acting in comparison to chemicals, but rather then masking symptoms it goes to the core. Hippocrates said, “The physician treats, but nature heals.” It can takes years for some illnesses to come to a point where they become noticed and with these illness more then one Reiki session is best because Reiki will never overburden cells with more eenrgy then each can handle at a specific time. Reiki speeds recovery following surgery, and all traumas. During pregnancy it flows to both the mother and child, and following birth it helps the mother to return to her balanced self more quickly. Reiki heals by bringing in balance and surrounding with harmony in the way that is best for each individual at the junction in time when it is flowing. More information is available on the pages at

©Roberta R. Barnes 2000, Reiki Shihan(master/teacher) and Herbalist Consultant.