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Wellness and Physical Activity – Getting Up to Speed ​​With The Basics!

Physical wellness is demonstrated by your overall fitness level. It encourages you to apply principles of good health and knowledge which will positively influence any bad habitual patterns you may have.

Physical wellness involves respecting your body's own uniqueness and diversity, and engaging in practices that move you towards a higher level of health. Optimal physical well-being includes connecting with your physical self and avoiding harmful habits, while remaining focused on the balance of body-mind-spirit.

There are four major factors to consider when trying to assess your level of physical wellness:

Physical Fitness: This includes maintaining an appropriate cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. By this, I don't mean you necessarily need to be at the gym everyday of the week. In fact, you don't need to be at the gym at all. If you follow me, then you know how big I am on home workouts. It's much more inexpensive and effective than going to the gym.

Nutrition and Balanced Diet: This means practicing healthy nutrition and a balanced diet that consists of primarily fruits and vegetables with a few seeds and nuts.

Self-Care: This includes being more aware of your body. Meaning, you should be able to notice within the next second, any unusual changes to your body regarding your thoughts and emotions. The practice of daily meditation will do wonders for you in helping to calm your mind and attain more peace in your life.

Respect Where You Live: By this I am not referring to the regular upkeep of your house. It involves practicing an overall environmental upkeep. It is as simple as becoming more aware about not littering. Take care of the Earth which takes care of you. By practicing a simple act such as not littering, you become naturally filled with genuine joy. This partly resonates from feeling that you have done your part 'so to speak.

So why is it important to develop your physical wellness? There is ample evidence indicating that adopting a lifestyle that supports physical wellness has benefits related to:

  • Maintaining good health,
  • Increasing your level of productiveness
  • Prolonging your longevity.

This goes a long way in helping you to naturally and gradually reduce any personal and societal health care costs which you may have, ultimately improving the quality of your life.

Keys to Remember

  • Stay Physically Well. Nurture your mind, body and Soul.

Mind: Your mind needs intellectual stimulation for growth and challenge. Practice being able to gather emotional strength through self-acceptance and improving your self-image. Be more positive.

Body: Your body gains strength through physical activity and exercise. If you challenge yourself physically, your body changes and evolves positively. This then allows you to naturally become healthy and able to meet the demands of your day.

Soul: The spirit within you helps give you purpose in life and assists in motivating you to personal growth. Spirituality guides you to be more respectful to people, and to display moral and ethical behavior.