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Ways to Use Holy Water

Using Holy Water each day is a wonderful practice. It can keep you and your home clear of dense energies and allow you to function in a highly vibrating area that raises your energy level and helps life flow more easily.

  1. Sprinkle it on your head or place some over your Third Eye. Use the typical pulse points you might use with perfume and place it there and anywhere you feel you need help healing or recharging.
  2. Sprinkle it around your home, especially on the thresholds of doors and in the corners of rooms.
  3. Flick it with a fresh cut flower to add the essence of the flower too.
  4. Place an open container of HW under the bed of anyone who is ill.
  5. Place is under the bed of children who have nightmares or are frightened of the spirits they see.
  6. Cleanse and clear objects and jewelry. Allow them to dry naturally. If the salt or water will damage them, use another method such as a Singing Bowl.
  7. Put it into the laundry during the final rinse so make sure all the dense energies are drained away.
  8. Wash your floors, the walls, the kitchen cabinet and sink and the bathrooms to raise the energy in the house.
  9. Wash the door frames of your house, especially when there are fingerprints.
  10. Wash down your porch and steps to clear the energies entering your home.
  11. Spray it about the house with a hand sprayer.
  12. A quick spritz about your body will clear out your aura and help maintain your energy during the day.
  13. Deionize your home by spraying Holy Water all around electronics being careful not to get it into the equipment.
  14. Make a purifying bath by adding some Holy Water.
  15. Use it in your pet’s bath.
  16. If you are feeling depressed or lethargic, put a few drops of HW into a freshly opened bottle of water. Replace the cap and give it a few gentle shakes. Through the principles of homeopathy, the entire bottle will become charged from just a few drops. Drink the entire bottle.
  17. Put one or two drops into your pet’s water bowl.
  18. Place an open container of Holy Water into the center of the home (Where children and pets can’t get into it and it won’t spill.) if there are conflicts or a recent argument.
  19. Use it to cleanse and purify your ritual tools.
  20. Use Holy Water to clean your hands before beginning any sacred or healing work.