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Vastu Shastra – Principles Followed in Homes and Offices

In a country like India, Vastu Shastra is considered one of the basic requirements while constructing a property or building according to pre-specified principles. It is necessary to follow these principles for wealth, health, fame and prosperity in life. Though it has become difficult to follow each and every principle in the present era, it is important to make maximum use of tenets in order to achieve peace and harmony in life.

These principles are considered a source of positive energy and fervor. It is important to follow the rules for different directions in various structures- commercial or residential. These directions are considered significant in their own respect and influence the power of the region accordingly. For instance, north-eastern corner of the house or office is considered best for worship, prayer or any other auspicious work. It should be kept clean and tidy, free from dust and dirt. The best color used in this direction is yellow. Thus, Hindus prefer to make Pooja room or do idol worship in this corner of the property. It is best to use yellow-colored bulb or lamp too. North-east shouldn’t be stuffed with materials. It must be kept light both in terms of goods and flooring. Make sure not to construct a kitchen or wash room in this part of the property else finances will get eroded soon from your safe.

Similarly, there are other directions that emit different types of energy in different parts of the house or office. It is very important to use right color, texture, tone and material in all the parts of the property. Even a minor discrepancy can change the life and career of individual, family or organization.

Vastu has been in practice since time immemorial. It is often considered to keep the center of the house or property as light and airy as possible. The center is considered “Brahmasthan” and Gods and Goddesses are deemed to reside here. In most of the old and traditional homes, you can still see the center, open from top. You can have a full view of the sky. Also, it is important to keep the center in a square shape. The square or rectangle is considered optimum compared to circle which sees no end.

Although it is difficult to follow each and every principle in a strict way due to land and other difficulties, still accommodating slight and minute differences into the property can change the destiny of someone. Vastu is all about correcting the things right before construction. In case, it is not possible to accommodate the principles, remedies are always possible. However, they can be used under certain conditions and do not always give fruitful results. Thus, Vastu shastra should be adopted in fresh and newest way possible to achieve healthy results.