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Vastu for a Home: Bring Harmony to Living

The ancient Hindu science of Vastu Shastra is well known around the world. Known also as the “science of construction”, the principles of Vastu Shastra focus on directional alignments, and how they can be used well in bringing peace and harmony to homes. Vastu for a home is considered important by many across the world today, as successful implementation of the Vastu principles have brought about significant positive changes in many peoples’ lives. Vastu Shastra involves increasing the positive energy flow in a house, which results in a satisfactory and fulfilling life.

The Role of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra originated a long time ago, and the science takes into consideration the work of the five fundamental elements; earth, wind, water, fire and air. The principles of this science are based on the foundation that the basic elements affect everything on the planet. Designing the house in adherence to these cosmic principles ensures harmonious coexistence, as well as a prosperous life. Vastu Shastra remedies are known to lessen the negativity in life, and enhance positivity greatly. However, the proper application of the Vastu Shastra principles depends on a number of key factors. Some of these are the plot of land, the direction of the area and areas surrounding the plot.

Vastu tips for a better bedroom

The bedroom is a very important place in a home. This is the room where relaxation takes center stage, and one would not want it to be hindered. Bedrooms constructed and designed keeping in mind the Vastu principles have been proved as relaxation enhancers. The direction of the bedroom is vital in order to experience the positive effect of the Vastu principles. The bedroom should be towards the south-west direction. The construction of the bed also plays a significant role. Wood should be the material used in the making of the bed, and should be given a rectangular shape. The colors used to paint the bedroom should not be too loud, as this has a negative effect on relaxation.

Getting the House Entrance Vastu right

The home entrance is a crucial part of our home setup, and should not be left ignored. Proper application of Vastu Shastra in getting the home entrance constructed can lead to a vast inflow of positivity. The most important aspect of constructing the entrance in accordance with Vastu terms is the direction. It is recommended to build entrances towards the North-East, East and North directions. It is best to avoid South-West and South-East directions as these directions are known to harbor huge amounts of negative energy. The size of the house entrance door should be large. In fact, it should be the largest door in your home. The construction of the door should be perfect, and with good quality wood, to avoid creaking. Creaking doors are generally not recommended by Vastu consultants who specialize in Vastu Tips for house entrance. You should avoid placing the main door opposite an abandoned house as well.