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Success and Jupiter Transits in Astrology – Your Plan for Abundance and Self-Sovreignity

Success and Jupiter Transits; Part 1 Dissolving Jupiter Myths

Firstly, before we get to the rewards of Jupiter transits in Part 2 of this series, let’s release the myth that Jupiter transits only bring success and positive events from the perspective of the human ego.

Jupiter transits expand the energies of whichever house it touches, good or bad. Therefore before and in the first half of Jupiter’s transit through a house it would be wise to fortify and improve the baseline energy and circumstances of that house so that Jupiter can bring you blessings.

Jupiter transits are also associated with the Sagittarian ideal of freedom and the Piscean energy of dissolution. Freedom can be glorious, but it can be disruptive to the status quo and uncomfortable such as being freed from a job that you don’t like. Dissolution of a constrictive relationship may not feel like an opportunity at the time. However, the freedom and dissolution that Jupiter may bring truly is the wheel of fortune turning in your favor- even if it takes you some higher perspective to understand this.

Jupiter’s movement does inevitably bring opportunities to you. However, as Jupiter is the natural ruler of house 9 and house 12- which are cadent houses of an intellectual and spiritual nature- Jupiter can also bring you opportunities to grow spiritually rather than strictly material rewards. We all know that what brings us spiritual growth is not necessarily comfortable or enjoyable.

In contrast to the rewards of Saturn transits, which bring delays until one final excellent manifestation as Saturn leaves a house (assuming you did your hard work), Jupiter will bring many nascent opportunities in succession. These opportunities are only the possibility of a new beginning or expansion, unlike Saturn’s rewards that are full on manifestations of your desire. Additionally, you must seize Jupiter’s opportunities while they are available lest there isn’t anything left by the time you’ve made up your mind.

Necessarily, Jupiter’s transit through a house will influence the matters of the natal house Jupiter rules in your chart.

As Jupiter rules my 6th house, when Jupiter moves through a house it affects my work life and more generally what my daily routine is like. As Jupiter passes through my 12th house, I’m somewhat removed from the world on a day to day basis and my work is not openly displayed. I guess I’ll be coming out of the psychic closet when Jupiter transits my 1st house!

For those Leos who have Jupiter ruling their 5th house of dating relationships, as Jupiter transits their 12th house they may get set up on blind dates (a wonderful manifestation of 12th house relationships) or they may be in a relationship but keep it private from their friends and family.

In Part 2, we will discuss the specifics of Jupiter transiting each house and which actions you can take to manifest positive outcomes according to the nature of the transited house.