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Reiki Healing – Through The Eyes Of An Unbiased Individual

Reiki is now more than 100 years old and is being practiced all over the world. There are thousands of Reiki Healers, who are treating people with their specialized techniques and getting results… full or partial. But science is yet to recognize Reiki as a proven healing method. Why is it so and how does it matter? Let us analyze this issue in simple terms.

I took up Reiki at an advanced age of sixty plus. I am a firm believer in logic and hold respectable degrees in science and commerce. I did not believe in Reiki energy and its healing powers, because this “subtle energy” cannot be measured by any existing scientific instrument and hence, its efficacy cannot be explained or predicted with scientific precision. But, at the same time, I failed to logically explain how and why my wife (a recent initiate into the world of Reiki) was healing people and situations with Reiki again and again and again, with strikingly low percentage of failure. Being a stern believer of logic and a devotee of science, I just could not discard this overwhelming preponderance of evidences and hopped into the chamber of my wife’s Reiki Guru, who attuned and initiated me into the World of Reiki to enable me to have a first-hand experience of “What is Reiki?”.

Well, eight years have gone by and I am a Master Practitioner holding 3rd Degree in Reiki. My wife has become a Reiki Grandmaster and is extremely active in Reiki training and Reiki healing. We are in touch with hundreds of Reiki Healers, who share their Reiki experiences with us. As a totally unbiased and practical person, I can confirm that Reiki works. I do not know how it works. But then Gravity existed even before Newton discovered the Laws of Gravitation. There is no reason why we should discount the power of Reiki healing just because it is scientifically un-explainable. But, at the same time, we are dealing with a power that we cannot control or fathom. Hence we should never claim that Reiki is fail-safe. Even when we apply Reiki with full ability and true purpose, there have been and shall be cases when Reiki fails. As long as we look at the much larger number of cases, where Reiki healing has been successful, we should not lose faith on Reiki.

There are moments of pure Reiki magic, which reinforce my acceptance of this “unscientific” system. For example, a few years back, we were on a long flight. A child, a few rows behind us, was uncomfortable and was crying almost continuously. We needed to sleep. Distant loving Reiki was sent to him/her. In a few minutes, the crying stopped and we presumed that the little kid had fallen asleep happily. We had not seen the kid’s face, nor has he/she seen ours. We did not know his/her name. But Reiki worked. Coincidence? Well, when I meet with such coincidences ninety times out of one hundred, my sense of science and logic refuses to classify all these as mere “coincidences”. And if somebody jumps to the other extreme and concludes that I am endowed with some superhuman healing power, I shall laugh out aloud. No one knows better than me that I am just a normal human being. Reiki does it. NOT me.

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