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Reiki Healing – The Effortless Healing Technique

Reiki healing is the most popular part of Reiki application, which is gentle in nature and yet very powerful, it actuates consciousness of integrity, balance and peacefulness. By achieving those condition, anyone can automatically reduce their stress. Therefore reiki therapist automatically radiates peace and pleasant aura when they perform healing process.

Reiki treatments is a hands on treatment, it has the ability to treat patient as one integrated part, physical body, mind and spiritual. During the treatment, those parts will balance themself to reach total harmony as a unity in a person.

Traditionally, Reiki is divided into three levels. If you only interested in healing, for yourself and others, and also you want to be able to perform distance healing, level 1 and level 2 are all that you need. You need level three to become a full reiki master, it enhance your ability and enable you to attune others.

Reiki treatment is 100% safe, it has no negative side effects whatsoever. Although its very rare, some people can consciously reject or obstruct the reiki energy. By doing this, they still may not be harm by reiki, on the contrary, actually they still get the benefits of reiki. Reiki will work even if the patient do not believe it.

There are significant and fundamental differences between pranic healing and reiki healing. Pranic healing utilizes “inner energy” to cure patients, sometime the therapist have to perform specific breathing technique to activate and flow the pranic energy.

Reiki is totally effortless healing, because if you are practicing Reiki then you are not utilizing your personal energy. Instead, you are ‘channeling’ the reiki or the universal energy. You as a therapist is only become a channel to enable the reiki energy to flow to the recipients. The goal of a Reiki therapists is to channelize the universal energy, flowing through their chakras all the way to their hands and they will start the healing process. Some therapist do some systematic preparation before performing a healing session, such as, make sure that the patient is comfortable, opening their aura etc, Therefore if you become the therapist, you will also gain benfits as you perform reiki healing.

In order to perform the healing, the therapist have to be relax, peaceful, breath comfortably and have clear intention.