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Reiki Healers – Anticipation Or Expectation?

At the end of every Reiki session, I spend a few minutes talking with the patient about how they feel and what they experienced. Patients will often ask me how I feel and I always tell them that I feel refreshed and energized. No, I’m not a robot but I find that even on days when I am feeling physically or emotionally tired, connecting to and transmitting Reiki always, in fact, energizes and invigorates me. I believe that this aspect of Reiki makes it unique among the healing arts.

Why does Reiki work on both the patient and the healer? I think it is the very nature of Reiki that causes this to happen. Let’s take a step back and think about what an attunement is and why receiving attunements is an important part of becoming a Reiki healer.

Attunements are like a super-charged Reiki session where the intention is to open up the student to being able to receive and transmit greater amounts of life force than they could before the attunement. And the effect of the attunement is cumulative over time which means that with each attunement the student is able to receive greater and greater amounts of Reiki. (I have often wondered if there is a natural limit on this? If you got an attunement every day for a certain amount of time, would you be able to receive all the Reiki in the universe?)

The same effect takes place on the student’s ability to transmit Reiki. This is a very important part of the intention of the Reiki Master, that the student use the Reiki not just for themselves, which is important, but to use it to heal others and to constantly develop a sense of deep compassion for all living beings.

To use a real 21st century analogy, we are like living network, wireless range extenders, connecting to the wireless life force of the universe, absorbing it and then re-transmitting it back out to the network of living beings.

Another key factor that all Reiki students are taught from day 1 is that Reiki has it’s own intelligence and that it “knows where to go”. True, we use our healing intuition to guide our hands to the place on the patient that needs healing or we visualize Reiki flooding the area of the patient that is in distress. In my Reiki practice, I have seen rips and holes in patient’s auras and have used Reiki to repair them. However, at the end of the day, we know that it is not us but the patients who is responsible for their own healing.

And this is the difference between anticipation and expectation. Expectation leads to all kinds of negative emotions like disappointment, guilt, judgment and a sense of failure. Anticipation, on the other hand, leads to surprise, excitement and hope. As Reiki healers, we know the power that Reiki has to heal so let’s share that anticipation with our patients so they can feel invigorated with a sense of hope and the potential of the future. If we can do that, then we will be able to keep our own practice energized.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this so please leave a comment below.