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Reiki Crystal – A Good Aid For Reiki Healing

Have you heard of Reiki trainings that use a reiki crystal in order to direct healing and make the healing as efficient as possible? How about attunements that are conducted with the aid of a stone? How does a crystal or a stone assist Reiki practitioners in healing the sick or attuning one self in order to heal the self and others?

These are mystical questions that should also be answered with the same amount of mystery. Since ancient times, healers have been known to seek solace and power from gem stones and other such props to increase the efficacy of the healing technique that they are capable of holding on sick people and on themselves as well. Practitioners of Reiki are not an exception, as this group of healers uses a reiki crystal to aid them during healing sessions and while doing attunements. The use of a crystal is said to give the healer more energy that could be used to transmit or give to a sick person in need of healing and in making the healing process, as a whole, more effective.

It is precisely because of this advantage that Reiki Masters and Teachers are now teaching Reiki students how to use a reiki crystal properly so that the latter could become an effective aid to the practitioner when he is healing his troubled soul or when healing co-practitioners or other people even if the latter is miles away from him. These Masters are encouraging their students to take up individual lessons on the other uses of the mentioned gemstone in Reiki practice.

As of today, thousands of Reiki practitioners have benefitted from these individual lessons and are testifying that although Reiki healing with the use of one’s hand can already be effective as it is as a healing technique the use of a crystal during a healing session can make the healing process go a bit faster. They are saying that the presence of the crystal instantly gives the healer more energy, more vitality, and more patience especially if the practitioner is trying to treat a cancer patient or a patient with a broken heart or whose mental state isn’t quite stable.

These testimonies further verify the fact that Reiki has become so popular already to the extent that even if modifications were made to its training program such as the incorporation of a lesson on the uses of crystals this has not dissuaded people from enrolling in a Reiki class or two. The opposite happened actually. The incorporation of Reiki training on crystals has convinced Reiki non-believers to try learning the Japanese healing technique with or without the aid of a reiki crystal.