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Reiki Books

Though Reiki may seem like a hands-on technique, the practice and study of Reiki is a constantly evolving process and here are some Reiki books that can be greatly useful as a study tool:

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui: The Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Treatment… By Mikao Usui, Frank Arjava Petter As the title suggests the original handbook by the founder of Reiki, with a foreword by William Lee Rand it is extensive and the most complete and authentic Reiki book you can buy which details the Reiki Ryoho tradition.

Published 1999

Lotus Press

79 pages

ISBN 0914955578

The Complete Reiki Handbook: Basic Introduction and Methods of Natural Application By Walter Lubeck A very well-written book by the Lubeck, he illustrates the path of Reiki, the practical possibilities and the limitations and outlines in detail Reiki from preparatory to post-session procedures, the organic and subtle bodies and tracing the disturbances in the body with Reiki in the subtle body. He also combines Reiki therapy with other kinds of treatments like chakra work with Reiki, Reiki and crystals, Reiki and scents and Reiki meditation.

Published 2003

Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

191 pages

ISBN 8120815572

Child and Youth Reiki Program: Mount Kurama and the Emerald Lake By Cheryl Driskell Reiki for your children, yes, children can learn Reiki too. This improves their self-confidence and promotes self growth in your child. This book uses two mythological tales associated with Reiki to make learning fun and promote thinking in the child. It uses simple and lucid language to describe attunement, hand positions for kids, Reiki principles with some guidance for parents to guide their child along and much more.

Published 2005

Lulu Press, Inc.

Children’s Books/All Ages

84 pages

ISBN 1411639006

Reiki with Gemstones: Activating Your Self-Healing Powers Connecting the Universal Life Force… By Ursula Omenka-Klinger Incorporating two natural powers – gemstone therapy with Reiki or using Reiki with crystals and gemstones for healing. This is a great title covering various topics like selection of gemstones, effects and their properties, cleansing and activating and laying the gemstones along the energy centers of the body for optimal effects. Also covers the Reiki initiation and treatment techniques like hand positions and self-treatment.

By Ursula

Omenka-Klinger, Ursula


Published 1997

Lotus Press

New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit

128 pages

ISBN 0914955292

Rainbow Reiki: Expanding the Reiki System with Powerful Spiritual Abilities By Walter Lübeck This is a wonderful book that merges the two systems together- Usui Reiki with old and new methods. Rainbow Reiki is the name for the expanded form of complex energy work which enables the practitioner to work directly with subtle beings as Reiki guides and teachers. This book is for the more experienced practitioner.

Published 1997

Lotus Press

New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit

184 pages

ISBN 0914955284

Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual and Spiritual Development By Christopher Penczak A groundbreaking book on Reiki by a famous Pagan/Wiccan author who explains the magickal side of Reiki. Penczak walks through the evolution of Reiki, its mythos, history and discusses the three levels in depth. He also explains the energy workings and compares it to energy projected in spells and rituals and suggests ways to incorporate Reiki with various systems of magical practices and also Reiki as a tool for psychic development.

Published 2004

Llewellyn Worldwide

Alternate Spirituality

ISBN 073870573X

Chakra Energy Cards, the Book and Card Set: Healing Words for Body, Mind and Soul for All Forms… By Walter Lübeck

This is a boxed set of 154 cards for Chakra energy work with healing affirmations and symbols for the chakras as well as the aura. Every card has an Energy Symbol which sends energy vibrations to the user and affirmations with an accompanying handbook containing 192 pages of explanations to promote Reiki treatments by the author. There is also a blending of treatments like healing stones, essential oil fragrances or Bach Flower Remedies to be combined with Reiki.