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Moon Goddess’s January 2012 Full Moon

The Moon Goddess’s January 8, full moon occurs at 11:30 pm, PST. She’s transmitting her magical moonbeams to illuminate the Capricorn Goddess’s energies. The Capricorn Goddess has gone through her learning curve of taking over from the Capricorn Emperor and is fully into her stride now.

Moon Goddess Assists Capricorn Goddess

The Capricorn Goddess is eager to share her energies with everyone now, not just those that were born during the time of Capricorn. The Moon Goddess is delighted to assist the Capricorn Goddess and is beaming her brightest rays.

Message from the Capricorn Goddess

I am the last of the zodiac goddesses that concentrates on you, your own personal growth. The theme for the zodiac year that began with the March Equinox has been the quality of caring. Each and every Zodiac Goddess; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, has been sending you transmissions to fully activate this part of you. It’s the quality of caring that will lead you fully to your own love residing inside of you. Now I’m transmitting to you the same message, truly care for yourself in every way.

Capricorn Goddess Covers Whole Spectrum

As the Capricorn Goddess, my energies cover the whole spectrum; from spirit to matter. What that means is you must not only care for yourself at the physical level with your own avatar body, but care for yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I come at the end of the zodiac personal development team which allows you to truly assess yourself at all levels. If you missed caring for yourself at some level, in some way, you still have the opportunity during my time on the zodiac stage to go into yourself even deeper, spotlight your own goodness which will compel you to take care and ensure your goodness is brought to the light and into your daily life.

Caring is Natural Now

For those of you that have learned the magic of self care and implemented this quality into your lives, you will no longer need to concentrate on caring for yourself; it’s just natural now. You’ve become your own leader of yourself. You no longer sacrifice yourself to take care of others; you’re a part also now. You don’t emit that you are not good enough, drawing to yourself people and situations to victimize you. You’ve moved out of that frequency. And since you care for yourself, you no longer have anger and hurts that you hurl at others to get rid of the pain inside of you. You’ve become truly your own hero and have saved yourself.

Aquarius Goddess

When the Aquarius Goddess is escorted to the Zodiac Stage on the Moon Goddess’s New Moon on January 22, at 11:39 pm, PST, you will be ready for the first matriarch era initiation of this round. Great gratitude will be given to you for all that you did to become a truly caring leader of yourself. You’re ready for the next step now, to join together with others that were initiated just as you were, as caring leaders of self. I’ll wait and let the Aquarius Goddess tell you more, but know, it’s a time when your attention is no longer on self. That’s why caring must be a quality that’s just natural now. Just imagine, connecting with those that naturally include themselves just like you and addressing global concerns in a whole different way.

Pisces Goddess

Pisces, like Aquarius, is not about personal development except as you learn to become an even better server, truly caring for all those that genuinely cannot care for themselves. You become the voice for all those that are unable to speak in a way that can be understood. Just remember, if you don’t know how to care for yourself, you’ll try to save yourself through saving others which turns you into a negative hero. You need to have already saved yourself, have found your own self-worth.

Love Awaits You

As your Capricorn Goddess, I encourage you to use your time wisely during the rest of my time on the zodiac stage. The odds used to be, during the patriarch civilization, that one in a million would be initiated, passing all the tests of each zodiac sign. Now that the matriarch era has begun, you just need to genuinely save yourself, become your own caring leader of yourself. Love, far beyond what you might have imagined or dreamed of, will begin to unfold; connecting you to all those like yourself.