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How to Increase IQ? Solving Problems by Selective Encoding – Part II

Everyday we are facing problems in our life. Needless to say that everyone wants to know the way to solove all those problems.

Psychologists used to ask to solve the problems requiring selective encoding, selecting comparison and selective combination in order to find out the insight of the participants.

Proper environment, mental alertness, deep knowledge in problem solving techniques are all required to solve the problems. We may acquire the knowledge by training. Here are some more problems to understand the encoding process.

Can you make one word out of the letters in ‘new door’?

Duration: One minute only. If you are not able to find out the answer, please see below:

The answer is: One word. If you rearrange the letters you will get: One word.

Even though the problem is very simple very many people could not solve it. Because they are lack of the problem solving technique. Can it be developed?

Yes, definitely!

Robert J Sternberg has selected carefully well- structured mathematical and logical problems. Given below are some of his selections.

Each of the following problems requires selective encoding for its solutions.

Problem no 1: Calendars made in England do not show Lincoln’s birthday, of course. Do these calendars show the fourth of July?

Problem no 2: A man was putting some finishing touches on his house and realized that he still needed one thing. He went to the hardware store and asked the clerk, “How much will sixteen cost me?” The clerk in the hardware store answered, “They are a dollar a piece, so sixteen will cost two dollars.” What did the may buy?

Problem no 3: In the Howard family, there are four sisters, and each sister has one brother. If you count Mr.Howard, how many males are there in the Howard Family?

Please contemplate. If you are successful, it is OK. If not, answers are given below:

Answer for Problem 1: Yes. The fourth of July is not marked as Independence Day, however.

Answer for Problem 2: The man was buying housing numbers. There are two numbers, one and six, to be bought, so the total cost is two dollars.

Answer for Problem 3: Two. The only males in the family are father and his one son, who is the brother of each of his sisters.

How to solve the problem? First list the relevant information for solving each problem. Then analyse the problem and apply selective encoding. You will get the answers.

We have to see more problems that could be solved by the special techniques.