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Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra With Reiki: Taking Action

By the age of two, your solar plexus chakra is opening and gaining energy. This accounts for the phenomenon that parents refer to as the “terrible twos.” If children are supported in their growth at this stage, it leads to healthy development of self-esteem and empowers children to develop. Notice the symbolic correlation between the “fire” element and the right to take “action.” If a child is hampered at this stage of development, it may contribute to life long lack of self-confidence and fear of taking action. On the other hand, if a child is overly spoiled during this time, the solar plexus may respond with aggressive or stubborn behavior, indicating excessive ego. Another possibility is that children with aggression or stubbornness are compensating for weaknesses in their first or second chakras. I call the solar plexus the “action chakra” because healing it helps people take necessary and appropriate action to get their lives on track. This can include taking action in terms of changing jobs, moving house or pursuing a dream.

Location: Solar plexus, mid abdomen

Healing Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Age of Development: 18 months to 4 years

Personal Rights: To act and to be an individual (self-definition)

Related Physical Organs: Digestive system, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver

Balanced Characteristics: Responsible, reliable, effective will, confident

Symptoms of Deficiency: Low energy, weak will, low self-esteem

Symptoms of Excess: Aggressive, controlling, stubborn, hyperactive

Emotional Traumas: Shaming, authoritarianism, domination of will, abuse

Healing Practices: Stress control, vigorous exercise

Positive Affirmation: I have the right to take action.

The experience of one of my students from Australia demonstrates several issues that inhabit the solar plexus, including aggression, responsibility and self-definition. She told me, “I finally got to the bottom of the issue that came to the surface during our last Reiki session. If you recall, you sensed that the age of 6 was the time of the problem and that it was about responsibility and loss of childhood. I couldn’t quite relate to this as I had been focusing on my parents and nothing quite resonated. This morning, it suddenly came to me that the issue is with my sister. A whole lot of hatred for her came whooshing out. She was constantly a “drama queen,” manipulating everyone with tears and tantrums. When I was 6, she would have been 4 or 5 years old. I remember that we continually had to appease her to keep the peace and Mum relied on me to let my wishes go unheeded if they clashed with my sister’s. My mother put me in charge of her. I had to take her to Sunday School and it involved crossing a busy road. I recalled that I felt very frightened of crossing the road with no pedestrian lights to help. There was a feeling of heaviness, of too much responsibility beyond my capabilities.”

We discussed her childhood further and realized the healing implications in her own life. She said, “What about me? Now I understand what I felt about my sister at that age but what I hadn’t, until now, been able to admit to myself, since it clashed with my ego-identification as the dependable, reliable, responsible child. As I relived the stressful scene, the Reiki energy helped it to shift and clear and I felt much better afterwards. I wonder if any more 6 year old painful memories are still lurking! I’ll keep digging.”

A little later, she told me, “I gave myself Reiki daily over the following week and more of the fear of being overburdened with responsibility as a child came to the surface and was healed. Reiki has been a valuable tool to help me clear away painful and fearful emotions from my body, both when someone else gives me healing or when I send it to myself.” Her Reiki experience reveals the issues that she is now releasing more than 40 years after the fact. Her younger sister’s behavior indicates excessive energy in the solar plexus. Reiki empowered and encouraged Anne to return to her childhood memories to re-evaluate and release old feelings and outdated patterns of behavior. The healing process is helping her recognize her own highly demanding sense of responsibility. She is now establishing a more effective concept of responsibility in her adult life, which is bringing her great relief.

As you’re giving yourself Reiki, reflect on the characteristics and essence of this chakra. Focus your healing intention on whichever issues resonate most strongly with you.