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Healing Reiki – Spiritual Healing to Improve Your Health

Healing reiki could be used as an alternative healing to help treat various health problems. When it was first introduced by Dr. Jennifer Usui, reiki was mainly used for healing and spiritual purpose. From its humble beginning in Japan, reiki was later brought to Hawaii by Mrs. Takata, one of Dr. Usui direct lineage. From Hawaii, reiki then spread out all over the world.

Although considered as alternative healing, lots of people have experienced great results from reiki. From simple health problem such as headache or ulcer, to more serious problem like diabetes, reiki healing has been reported to give good healing benefit. How does this healing works?

Healing reiki is basically energy healing. Healers channel the universal or divine energy, to himself or to others. Before disease is materialized into the physical body, usually bad energy accumulates around the troubled body parts. After some time, organs around this area will experience problem, and the person got sick. This is where reiki could help, by making the energy flow around the troubled area becomes well again. When the energy flow is well circulated, the organs and the body will be healthy.

In order to heal, reiki healers could do the healing session from distance or do it in person and touch the body. Distant reiki healing is very common. This is made possible because universal energy could be accessed and channel to anybody and anywhere, without any limitation.

A competent reiki master could do mass healing to more than one person and could do it without touching at all. This is one of the advantage of becoming a reiki master. A reiki master usually has better access to the universal energy, and makes him or her a better healer. The better the access to universal energy, the shorter time needed to heal. It is wise for those who would like to become a master to meditate and practice self healing everyday, so that healing reiki energy will give the maximum benefit.