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Feeling Nothing In A Reiki Session – What It Means

What if you had a Reiki session, as a client or as a healer, and felt absolutely nothing? This is what a healer asked about recently, when neither the healer nor the lady she was healing felt anything at all. I hope this answer will put your mind at ease.

Reiki goes to wherever it is most needed for the highest good. With this in mind, let me explain some possible scenarios:

  • The lady had root causes that needed addressing urgently. However, she was not ready to. The Reiki wanted to go there, but it was not the right time.
  • The Reiki did go there and help pave the way. But, because the lady was not ready as yet (even if she stongly believes she was), the Reiki went there so gently and in such a small amount that it was imperceivable.
  • You were distracted and so could not feel the Reiki, but that does not mean that nothing was happening. I once gave a client a healing whilst my mind was insistent on writing a mental shopping list, over and over again, no matter what I did, for the whole session. At the end of that session, I was amazed to hear the client raving about how she loved the heat from my hands, all the visions, and the wonderful messages that she received. So being distracted does not mean that something did not happen. However, your worry stems from the client feeling nothing, so let me explain with some examples. I gave Reiki to one client who felt nothing and left feeling disappointed, despite me explaining the client experience possibilities (below). Afterwards, she came back for more, reporting feeling an overall calm from two days onwards after the session. I myself had the most amazing Reiki session when I felt absolutely nothing whatsoever. Afterwards, my then constant pain in the neck required no painkillers for a whole day, which was nothing short of a miracle. There is no reason why both the client and the healer feel nothing. It is perfectly normal.
  • Reiki goes to wherever it is most needed. If you were in an uncomfortable physical position (such as straining your back), the Reiki would have gone there, and instead of feeling it flow, you would have simply not felt the discomfort or the level of discomfort that straining position was causing. If you had distracting thoughts on your mind, the Reiki would have been helping you to get clarity regarding these thoughts. With practice, you will learn how to give in to these distractions and therefore flow better with the Reiki. As you give a healing, you receive a healing.
  • Our need to “feel something” is a man-made thing. It is man’s need to control. It is a mortal pleasure that we seek. Reiki is a deeply spiritual practice. You are learning to surrender this human need and transcend it by eventually not even thinking about whether you or the client “feel something”. In other words, the desire to feel something during a Reiki treatment goes against the spiritual nature of Reiki. Part of your training with Reiki is to learn to be humble and surrender the expectation to feel anything during a treatment. This is very hard to learn, and you have my sympathy, as I struggled with it for years in my own learning. Remember, you are on a learning journey with Reiki.
  • Reiki heals at a very deep level that is often beyond our understanding or imagination. We are used to taking a pill and feeling the effects within 15 minutes, such as a headache pill. Reiki definitely does not work like that. People are attracted to Reiki often because they have been disenfrachised with the allopathic medicine approach. However, we have been so conditioned with this approach that we expect Reiki to work in the same way. But we seek Reiki because we want something different!

Reiki is an intelligent energy and goes to wherever it is most needed for the Highest Good. Reiki can be felt as hot or cold, a wave-like sensation, a vibration, an electrical feeling, images or messages, or not felt at all. The client may have a healing reaction during or after the treatment, such as giggles, tears, laughter, sobs, yawns, hiccups, burps, etc. Otherwise, the client may feel relaxed, go to sleep, or feel absolutely nothing at all. All of the above are perfectly normal. The experience may differ from session to session. We do not direct the Reiki nor dictate what should happen during the session. We simply trust that it is helping us to move forward in ways that we often do not understand, and that is the beauty of Reiki. It works at a deep spiritual level.

Enjoy your Reiki journey.