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Discovering the Healing Reiki Touch

Can Reiki Heal Me?

In one word, no. Reiki does not heal anyone. It can, however, help you connect to the healer within. Energy is always flowing within you. There is a mind body connection and Reiki is a form energy healing which can bridge the gap between mind and body so that you can harness your energy to help heal yourself.

Reiki as a Complement, not a Replacement

If you have a serious illness, please seek traditional medical attention as well as pursuing an alternative therapy such as Reiki. There is a place for both Western medicine and therapies that focus on healing energies. In fact, some places of traditional medicine are embracing Reiki. Reiki might be used to reduce stress, increase the appetite, reduce the amount of medication needed, or accelerate the healing process. You can find a list of hospitals that practice Reiki at

Types of Healing

Reiki can be used to help with physical pain, psychological pain, or physical pain that stems from psychological problems or stress. One of the greatest healing benefits that Reiki offers is that it can reduce stress and promote relaxation. When your body is relaxed, your natural healing abilities are strengthened.

It is important to note that Reiki focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Several of the emotional or health problems we experience occur when the flow of life energy is blocked or weakened. Used when feeling unwell, Reiki can help the healing process, whether your problems are physical such as headaches or emotional such as anxiety.

When you are well, regular Reiki therapy can help build up your body defenses. Several people report that they experience more confidence and develop a more positive outlook on life thanks to regular Reiki sessions.

How to Find Reiki Healing

If you are looking to add Reiki healing into your life, you have many options. Many people who experience the positive benefits of Reiki want to seek attunement for themselves and will study and take classes so that they may heal themselves and bring the Reiki healing touch to others.

Before you learn Reiki for yourself, you might want to schedule a session with a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner. A typical Reiki session might last sixty minutes, though the first session might be longer. Multiple sessions are usually recommended.

If you are unable to find A Reiki practitioner near you, you might want to consider distance healing. Reiki energy is not limited by time and distance. Some practitioners offer distance healing. To find one you are comfortable with, ask others for recommendations and ask questions before booking a session.