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Connecting Your Chakras Using Reiki

Connecting the Chakras

With Reiki 1, students focus on healing one chakra at a time. As you gain more sensitivity to energy, you can begin a more complex healing pattern. Determine which chakras need to be energized by scanning (see article on scanning the aura) or using a pendulum (see my website). Place one hand on the weak chakra and put your other hand on the chakra above it for 1 to 3 minutes. This shares energy from a stronger chakra to raise the energy of the weaker one. Keep your hand on the weak chakra while moving the other hand up one more chakra until the energy stabilizes. Do this for each chakra above, all the way to the crown.

Proceed to connect the weak chakra to all of the chakras below it. Keep one hand on the weak chakra and place your other hand on each of the chakras below until all the chakras have been connected to the weak one. To summarize the procedure, review this example for connecting the heart chakra to the upper chakras.

  1. Left hand on heart, right hand above throat
  2. Left hand on heart, right hand on brow
  3. Left hand on heart, right hand on crown

Now, connect the heart chakra with the lower chakras.

  1. Right hand on heart, left hand on solar plexus
  2. Right hand on heart, left hand on sacral chakra
  3. Right hand on heart, left hand above root chakra

This completes the connection of the heart to the other six chakras, absorbing energy from all of them. While connecting chakras, consider the following implications. For example, when connecting your patient’s heart chakra to other chakras, questions such as these can guide your therapeutic communication:

What would you like to express (chakra 5) about your emotions (chakra 4)?

How do you feel (chakra 4) about your creative expression (chakra 5)?


How do you feel (chakra 4) about your actions (chakra 3)?

What action can you take (chakra 3) to address your feelings (chakra 4)?


Connecting the chakras can be a very powerful way to round out your character. After reviewing the characteristics of each of the chakras, you will have a better idea of your own strengths and weaknesses. If you find, for example, that your solar plexus is super-charged as evidenced by very high self-confidence and a highly driven personality, this suggests an excess of energy in your third chakra.

If at the same time you discover that you have cysts or tumors in your reproductive system, this suggests a weak or closed second chakra. By analyzing your personal traits and physical symptoms, determine which chakras are most in need of healing and connection.

Chakra Spread

This technique is used for severe emotional or physical pain. It brings a person to a deeper level of healing than most other techniques. It should be reserved for special needs and sacred moments in healing. Ask your patient to sit in a chair while you are standing in front of them. Begin by grounding yourself well, mentally stable and physically well connected to the earth. Place your hands on your patient’s feet for one or two minutes to be sure they are well grounded. Then hold your patient’s hands in yours for one or two minutes to open their palm chakras. Walk behind your patient and place both hands on their crown chakra. Open their crown chakra by gently and slowly lifting both of your hands up and out as far as you can reach, like the wings of an eagle. Perform this movement three times. If other chakras are in need of opening, spread them in the same manner. Complete the healing process by closing their aura as described in an earlier article (closing the aura).

These articles have presented many concepts concerning each of the chakras, but this does not mean that you must memorize and know every detail of every chakra during every healing. The most effective way to approach this information is to review it from time to time, but be sure not to over intellectualize during your healings. Place your hands on each chakra and let the energy flow. If concepts or images come to mind, this shows that your intuition is working to inform you how to proceed. If your mind is quiet and still, that’s great! As my Reiki Master Danielle always reminds her students, release all expectations during each healing. Just let the energy flow. When necessary, this technical information on each of the chakras is always available for further reference.