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Colors for Your Home As Per Vastu Shastra

A home that is built and decorated as per vastu brings prosperity, happiness and wealth. However, not all houses are built as per these principles. So, if you happen to find a home that is perfect for you in every sense, but does not follow vastu principles, you don’t have to let it go. You can incorporate these laws in the color schemes and interior design and enjoy the benefits of living in a scientifically designed home. Here, we deal with home colors as per vastu shastra.

On what basis are colors decided?

Colors are nothing but lights of different frequencies and wavelengths. Every color is a kind of radiation and so, colors used for walls do have a profound influence on people living in the space. Important aspects such as decision making, cheerfulness, calmness and vibrancy can be manipulated by the right use of colors. Vastu, which is based on principles of energies and radiations, gives precise guidelines about use of colors depending on the directional aspect and usage pattern of the room.

Colors as per directions

According to Vastu Shasta, white is a good color to be used in the east and northwest. Towards the west, blue is beneficial. Green is recommended for north, pink and coral red for south, different shades of green for northeast, different shades of brown for southwest and silver white is good for southeast. These colors bode well with the energy and radiations which flow in from the respective directions and hence, play a crucial role in enhancing harmony and positivity at home.

Colors as per rooms

Pink is said to bring calmness and a dash of romance, which is great for a couple’s bedroom. The color is pleasing to the eye. The color is recommended for use in master bedrooms as per vastu shastra as well as other similar sciences such as Feng Shui.

Children’s bedrooms can be done in yellows and greens. Green is said to enhance concentration and is good for study rooms as well. Different shades of yellow bring cheer and match the moods of children. The best way to decorate children’s room is to combine yellow and green.

Blue is a soothing color and is perfect for drawing and living rooms where people like to entertain or relax. This color also symbolizes fresh beginnings and is considered to be the color of spring as per vastu. Green is another color which is suitable for these rooms. Adding a dash of pink or red balances the ambiance and stimulates conversation as well. Avoid using too much red because it encourages aggression. Tone down the vibrancy of this color by using it only for highlights while keeping the major color scheme in blue and green.

Vastu shastra for home suggest use of blue for meditation rooms. Yellow, because of its auspicious rendering, is good for puja rooms. This color depicts wisdom. However, ensure that yellow is avoided on walls which receive direct sunlight. Orange, in different shades, is used majorly as per vastu planning because this color brings health, happiness and is a color of optimism. It can be used anywhere. Black is not a good color according to these laws because it brings negativity and so, is not used for interiors.