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Need of Astrologer

The Mechanics behind Astrology The logical hemisphere, the outward thinking and inward doing, of human brain comprises of Air and Earth element whereas and the spiritual hemisphere, the outward perspective, and inward intuition and feeling, are composed with Fire and Water element. Astrology coordinates both the realms, it involves the analysis of time and event … Continue reading Need of Astrologer

Medical Astrology

 nakshatras related diseases and remedies there are 27 nakshtras realtaed to planets those rule over different parts of body. the nakshtras and their related diseases are given below: 1: Ashwini: LORD: KETU                                                                              Rashi Lord: Mars  Rules: Head and brain. diseases:  wound in the head, Epilepsy, histria, Migraine pain, mental fever, Malaria, AND CHICKEN pox. … Continue reading Medical Astrology

Basics – The Nakshatras (How to plan for work?)

The Nakshatras, Just  like  the  Rashis,  the  Nakshatras  also  break  up  the  zodiac  into  equally  spaced  segments.  There are 27 Nakshatras, each taking up 13’20”. The Nakshatras are also called lunar mansions, as the Nakshatra position of the Moon is an important use of Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has a symbol, various attributes, and a planetary … Continue reading Basics – The Nakshatras (How to plan for work?)

Basics of Bhavs

House Keywords Zodiac Sign Natural Ruler 1st self, life, body  Aries  Mars 2nd possessions, money, material circumstances, livelihood  Taurus  Venus 3rd local movement, short journeys, communication, school, siblings  Gemini Mercury 4th home, family, roots, parent  Cancer  Moon 5th creativity, children, romance, entertainment  Leo  Sun 6th health, service, work, routine  Virgo Mercury 7th partners, marriage, open … Continue reading Basics of Bhavs

Lagna and Your Qualities

1. Mesha Lagna (Aries Ascendant) Characteristic tendencies:  People with Aries rising are always restless and constantly on the move.  Because their ruling planet is Mars, they have a great deal of energy and zeal which makes them courageous, independent, and motivated at their best, but angry and hot-tempered at their worst.  They have a sharp … Continue reading Lagna and Your Qualities

Sun Transit in Pisces (14th March-14th Apr 2020): Effects on different Rashis

1.   Aries: Enemies of Aries will be weak in this period and can’t harm even can’t face you. Expenses will be more but in positive manners. You should be very careful regarding health during this time. Foreign trip will be beneficial. Bad time for marriage/relationship. Misunderstanding can occur. Control your anger during this period. It … Continue reading Sun Transit in Pisces (14th March-14th Apr 2020): Effects on different Rashis