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Astrology Services

The Hindu Astrology is the ultimate way to learn about your future in the most precise way. The 7000 years old practice is the gateway ...


Vedic Astrology

The Veda is the oldest knowledge book that has been running from generation to generation in the rich culture of India. The proven ways ...


Vastu Services

The age-old practice of the sages where the alignment of the homes and selection of the rooms were done as per the most suitable ...



Correct Placement of Family Pictures

Vastu does not entertain any wrong placement of things because Vastu creates a link between relationships by balancing the energies around and any imbalance of one of the five e

Picture, Picture on the Wall – How Art Can Affect Your Feng Shui

Every day we are influenced by what is around us... the words that are said, the smells we smell, the sights we take in. The goal of feng shui is to promote beauty, harmony, and

Antique Reclaimed Furniture

An eclectic mix of antiques, vintage items and even some newer items recreated from vintage woods make a house your "home" and vibrate with the energies of the ancient days.